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Role of lucky Stones & Gems

Every horoscope has certain positive and certain negative combinations. No one in this world has everything good occurring to him in his life. If one area of life gets strengthened in a horoscope another corresponding area gets weakened. Hence I call it an averaging balance. It is generally observed that if a person is very lucky, say for earning wealth, then some other area of his life like family relations, or children etc. gets weakened and he may not find any happiness in some corresponding area of life. An average horoscope, therefore, gives a balanced life leading to overall stability and happiness.

To further strengthen the strong areas of life and moderate the weak areas so that their ill effects are controlled, various methods of propitiation of planets are recommended. They are called remedies for planets or “ upaya for graha shanti”.

To ward off the evil influences of certain planetary combinations causing obstacles, various remedies or upayas are recommended which may include mantra, ratna, aushadhi, daan, snaan or upvaas.

If we scan the old classics, we find that there is just no mention of gemstones for remedies. It is only in the last 500 to 600 years that the use of gemstones has become popular and taken over the other traditional form of remedies on account of simplicity of use. It would not be incorrect to pinpoint the reason for this recent use and importance of gemstones to the commercial angle of astrology. The use of gemstones in astrology for the purpose of remedies, therefore, lacks the classical sanctity.

I have spoken about the balancing effect of planetary combinations. In the same way whenever a gemstone is worn to highlight or promote any area of life, it has its corresponding weakening effect on some other area as well. Hence any recommendation for gemstone must be done with a lot of care. My concern is always to first see that a gemstone should not give any negative effect in any way, direct or indirect, on any corresponding area of life. After this careful analysis only I would recommend a gemstone.

Recommendation of a Gemstone for propitiation of any planet must be done only after a careful analysis of the horoscope. Some people, out of ignorance, keep on wearing or recommending certain gemstone for example a Pearl (moti) to control anger, a Topaz for promoting early marriage and so on. This kind of indiscriminate wearing of gemstones may cause harm depending upon the planetary combinations and therefore must be avoided. Gemstones must only be worn for the specified period after due consultation with an able astrologer and must also be removed as per his guidance.

Deepak Kapoor

Client Testimonials

Hello Mr Kapoor,

I am very happy to take consultations from you. Most of what you indicated did happen and I have always followed your suggestions and remedies you have suggested. Below, I am cutting and pasting some of the past predictions and all have come true.

1. With your focus, your hard work and a proper astrological remedy, all put together, I feel you will be able to complete your desired course by 2007. Thereafter you should forget your studies and get on with your life in a very well rewarding profession.
--- Yes, I will be finishing in 2007.

2. I don't think that you will do MBA in the next five years or so which I am seeing.
--- Yes there was no MBA in these years... you gave this reading in 2003 and there will not be any MBA in the next couple of years.

3. Your chart reveals that there are bound to be some difference of opinion in marriage which is very normal between any two healthy human beings. In your case I would still suggest that a proper astrological matching should be done before you decide or finalize your match. If you marry after mid 2006, then many of these concerns will diminish.
With proper astrological matching and remedies, you may have a smooth marriage.
--- As per your prediction and suggestion, I did not think about marriage etc till now, nor did it happen!

4. I feel that at least upto mid 2005 you may continue with your studies uninterruptedly and thereafter the circumstances may make you defer or postpone or discontinue your studies for some time as the case may be.
--- Very true. I studied till 2005, and then deferred my studies till now. 2005-2006 was spent on working out a venture which though did not work out, was a good learning, professional experience!

5. The intricate indications of the chart also reveals that if you venture into this proposed business model, then you will incur losses and hence it is advisable that you stay away from this completely however strong the motivating factors may be.
---I did not pursue this opportunity at all. I had strong motivating factors, but i resisted which I am glad I did as I did my due diligence and the venture was not that rosy as the promoters had painted! I have to thank you for saving my dad's money!

6. I am very happy that you did accept my earlier advice and did not invest in that business three or four months back and have gone to complete the studies. This will pave the way for you future endeavors well.
From another report : In this attempt to look a bit far into your future, I can also see that your connection with foreign linkages and enterprises will be there in your eventual business set up. Hence your vision for global participation and markets should also be cultivated.
--- I am seeing that my future endeavors will have roots/connections/linkages with my decision to come here and study. I am already seeing some kind of linkages to foreign sources and companies and am creating that vision for global markets.

So, most of what you have predicted/indicated is shown. This is a triumph of both a capable astrologer as well as astrology. I hope this pattern of my life can help you predict in the future with correct timings. When I began, I used to consult many as many things what others said were too general and thus unsatisfactory. It is my good luck to have found you. As you have seen, I have had too many lows and sometimes few highs, I hope I will stabilize and realize my big ambitions! A big Thanks!

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