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Role of lucky Stones & Gems

Every horoscope has certain positive and certain negative combinations. No one in this world has everything good occurring to him in his life. If one area of life gets strengthened in a horoscope another corresponding area gets weakened. Hence I call it an averaging balance. It is generally observed that if a person is very lucky, say for earning wealth, then some other area of his life like family relations, or children etc. gets weakened and he may not find any happiness in some corresponding area of life. An average horoscope, therefore, gives a balanced life leading to overall stability and happiness.

To further strengthen the strong areas of life and moderate the weak areas so that their ill effects are controlled, various methods of propitiation of planets are recommended. They are called remedies for planets or “ upaya for graha shanti”.

To ward off the evil influences of certain planetary combinations causing obstacles, various remedies or upayas are recommended which may include mantra, ratna, aushadhi, daan, snaan or upvaas.

If we scan the old classics, we find that there is just no mention of gemstones for remedies. It is only in the last 500 to 600 years that the use of gemstones has become popular and taken over the other traditional form of remedies on account of simplicity of use. It would not be incorrect to pinpoint the reason for this recent use and importance of gemstones to the commercial angle of astrology. The use of gemstones in astrology for the purpose of remedies, therefore, lacks the classical sanctity.

I have spoken about the balancing effect of planetary combinations. In the same way whenever a gemstone is worn to highlight or promote any area of life, it has its corresponding weakening effect on some other area as well. Hence any recommendation for gemstone must be done with a lot of care. My concern is always to first see that a gemstone should not give any negative effect in any way, direct or indirect, on any corresponding area of life. After this careful analysis only I would recommend a gemstone.

Recommendation of a Gemstone for propitiation of any planet must be done only after a careful analysis of the horoscope. Some people, out of ignorance, keep on wearing or recommending certain gemstone for example a Pearl (moti) to control anger, a Topaz for promoting early marriage and so on. This kind of indiscriminate wearing of gemstones may cause harm depending upon the planetary combinations and therefore must be avoided. Gemstones must only be worn for the specified period after due consultation with an able astrologer and must also be removed as per his guidance.

Deepak Kapoor

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Respected Deepak Kapoor ji,
Myself and my family, we want to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for your in depth analysis and guidance on 12/12/08. We are tremendously impressed by your knowledge and kind and humble words.
Dr. A.B., Bangalore

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