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Do not be afraid of Sadhesati

The term sadhesati is derived from sadhe-saat or seven and a half. In transit Saturn takes about two and a half years to traverse one sign or rashi. The period of Saturnís transit over three signs takes about seven and a half years. This duration of Saturnís transit is called sadhesati.

Sadhesati is said to occur when Saturn transits over the 12th, 1st or 2nd house from birth rashi or natal Moon. This is called sadhesati of Saturn. Each sadhesati period of about seven and a half years approximately is divided into three sub periods of two and a half years each, based on its transit over each sign. It is also called dhayia. In addition to this sadhesati, there are certain transits of Saturn for example on 4th house and 8th house from natal Moon, which too are considered inauspicious. These are also of approximately two and a half years each and they are also called dhayia.

There has been a general belief from ancient times that this period of sadhesati is always inauspicious to the native from mental, physical and financial viewpoints. Sadhesati is believed to bring inauspicious results like obstacles, losses, tensions, disease, disputes, mental stress, financial difficulties, losses, thefts and even death in the family. It is however incorrect to make such a sweeping statement like this. In any scientific astrological analysis, the running dasha and applicable planetary combinations of the horoscope must be correlated to find out the real effects of sadhesati Ė good or bad. Yes it is very much possible that the resultant analysis of sadhesati may give good or auspicious results.

Sadhesati may give excellent results when Moon or Saturn in the birth chart is the lord of auspicious houses, placed in its own or exaltation sign, in association or aspect of benefic planets and when the dasha or antardasha etc. of such a Moon or Saturn is running. Even when Moon or Saturn are not as well placed as mentioned above, yet sadhesati may give good results depending upon the overall linkage of planetary transits with the combinations available in the birth chart.

Sadhesati is not always bad. It may give excellent results like financial and professional prosperity, happiness and other auspicious events in life. So do not be afraid of sadhesati nor get carried away by the over emphasis of negativity stressed by some unscrupulous persons for their selfish gains. Do not be afraid of astrology. It is meant for guidance and counseling. It is believed that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, himself disclosed the secrets of astrology to the rishis of yore for the benefit of mankind. Getting worried on account of sadhesati, mangal dosha or several such combinations stressed by many, cannot benefit you. The positive angle of astrology is to get guidance and to channelise the energies in the right direction at the right time. Even in those unfortunate troubled times, astrology comes to the rescue of the consulter by way of remedies or propitiation of planets.

Deepak Kapoor

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Dear Shri Deepak Kapoor,
Sir, my heartfelt thanks for your help and guidance. You will be happy to know that my interview took place on 25-4-08 and the results were declared yesterday. By God's grace and your valuable guidance, I have cleared it. The accuracy of your predictions is astounding. May God bless you! Whenever I used to feel disheartened or dejected, your words guided me and gave me courage and hope. I did the Graha Shanti measures advised by you with total faith and religious fervour. You have also written that these remedies are to be changed or moderated depending on the ongoing dasha. I will be contacting you separately for this, since the six-month period is almost over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again!
S.S., Lucknow, India.

Reply from Mr. Deepak Kapoor

Dear S.S.
Thanks for your kind words. Your success is because of your own efforts. I am sure you will continue to have the same focus, which will help you further in your career.
Deepak Kapoor

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