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Sample report
Each individual’s circumstances are unique and therefore each report is custom built. Hence there cannot be a standardization of the sample report. The sample report given here is a live report sent to a client (name changed) and the report, which you will receive, may cover some or more of such indications.

Dear Mr. Vikram

Thanks for your query posed to me. I have gone through your horoscope in detail and give herewith my considered opinion. It is believed that the principles of astrology were revealed by God Brahma himself to the rishis of yore for the benefit of mankind.
Thus astrology is meant for guidance in the moments of crisis. What God wills can only be revealed and hence the entire process of astrological consultation is based on divine blessings.
The horoscope cast for the moment of your query reveals that the circumstances are very positive for your betterment in your career.
But there is a weakness also which indicates the need for certain improvements. There is need for you to upgrade your knowledge or skills and to that extent you have to make better efforts for achieving your goals.
You are running the mahadasha of Saturn and antardasha of Moon upto 11-12-2005 and thereafter the mahadasha/antardasha of Saturn/Mars.
The finer influences of various pratyantardashas running during this period together with transit of planets reveal that you are likely to move into a better dasha to give you professional gains and excellence.
I can see this in two stages. One period for this excellence is already running from the about two months and will last upto about middle or third week of November.
The second period is towards the middle of 2006 and these periods are showing a lot of support for you to move ahead and also to show your abilities.
Coming to the finer timings for your career in the next one year I feel that the present running period upto the next one week or so is very forceful in which not only some improvement but also some change or movement in your job or job profile may be indicated.
In the month of December the situation will be smooth to the extent that the obstacles will be kept under control and you will be able to move ahead slowly but surely.
With the change of dasha from December 2005 onwards and in the month of December itself you will also face some obstacles of mild nature and that you have to take in your stride as it is a very brief period.
In the months of January and February 2006 you will remain a bit uneasy and dissatisfied but remember that you are in the process of transition in which things are gradually changing for you and hence this uneasiness is quite natural.
In the months of March and April 2006 you will start getting adequate support from your colleagues or peers and hence the circumstances are gradually becoming stable and favorable.
In the months of May and June 2006 you will be able to gain from your hard work. Your financial gains are also indicated from your improved abilities.
In July and August 2006, as a result of this overall betterment in your life, you will be more committed and inclined for better and focused efforts to get into the higher responsibilities with greater commitment and determination.
In the month of September 2006 you may be a little worried as you think that others are viewing your work negatively. But remember that these are largely unfounded fears and most of them may not be true.
In October and November 2006 your auspiciousness will be able to give you higher improvement and gains and this will turn out to be a highly lucky and favorable period.
Hence the next one-year is stable and favorable and you are moving in the right direction.
Looking a bit ahead I feel that the best is yet to come and you will taste greater promise and success in the year 2007 onwards.
To ward off the evil influences of certain planetary combinations of your horoscope you may keep a fast on Tuesdays for the next six months.
On the day of the fast you may take only tea, coffee, milk, fruits and curd etc. during daytime and normal meals at night after sunset and avoid taking non-vegetarian food or liquor.
You are also advised to light a mustard oil lamp on Saturdays in a shani temple.
Propitiation of planets called graha shanti, as suggested above, can give magical results and therefore you may do these upayas with religious fervor and faith in God. Please be guided by these observations, which are based on Vedic astrological principles as well as on modern researches. From times immemorial these principles have guided innumerable people who have benefited from them.
I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness and prosperity on you.
If you wish to have an in-depth analysis of any particular area of your life you can consult me under the relevant category like Finance report, Business report, love report, marriage report, compatibility analysis etc or under “Ask 3 questions” if your query does not fall in any of these categories and the same shall be promptly attended to.
Any astrological consultation is best attempted by an astrologer and in turn best utilized by a consulter if past history and full details are mentioned along with the query itself. Hence I request you to provide all relevant details in future.

With kind regards

Deepak Kapoor
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Dear Deepakji,
My name is S.K. and I had met you a couple of years ago. At that time, I was based in Jeddah. It must be 2004. At that time, you had indicated that 2009 was not a good year for my career/ job. Like many other of your other predictions, this too has come true. I lost my job on 12 Feb 2009. From then, I am unemployed. Now, I need to consult you again

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