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Sample report
Each individual’s circumstances are unique and therefore each report is custom built. Hence there cannot be a standardization of the sample report. The sample report given here is a live report sent to a client (name changed) and the report, which you will receive, may cover some or more of such indications.

Dear Ms. Ritu

Thanks for your query posed to me. I have gone through your horoscope in detail and give herewith my considered opinion. It is believed that the principles of astrology were revealed by God Brahma himself to the rishis of yore for the benefit of mankind.

Thus astrology is meant for guidance in the moments of crisis. What God wills can only be revealed and hence the entire process of astrological consultation is based on divine blessings.

Your Moon is in Shravana nakshatra whereas Sunil’s Moon is in Jyeshtha nakshatra. In the ashtkuta milan 20 gunas match out of 36, which is an acceptable matching. There is one mahadoshas in this matching also.

There is gana mahadosha. Sunil belongs to rakshasa gana and you belong to deva gana and this is not considered compatible.

A person is said to be a manglik if Mars is posited in his horoscope in 12th, 1st, 4th, 7th or 8th house. Some learned include placement of Mars in 2nd house also in the above scheme. This placement of Mars is sometimes seen from Moon and karaka for marriage Venus also. Navamsha chart is also subjected to a similar analysis.

A manglik person who has the above placement of Mars in his or her horoscope may not always carry the ill effects of such a placement called "mangal dosha".

It is believed that mangal dosha affects the married life with delays or obstacles in getting married. Even after marriage it is believed that mangal dosha brings mental anguish, financial problems, disputes or even divorce. In certain cases of extreme affliction it may even lead to death of one or both the partners.

These drastic significations of mangal dosha may not affect everyone because the mere placement of Mars in specific houses cannot and will not lead to these agonizing results.

The whole picture emerges only after a careful correlation of the birth dashas and the planetary combinations present in the horoscope. Several combinations can also cancel mangal dosha and hence every manglik will not have mangal dosha in his life.

In your birth chart Mars is placed in the 2nd house and hence you are not a manglik whereas Sunil’s Mars is placed in lagna or the 1st house and he is a manglik.

Considering from Moon and the karaka Venus, you are a manglik from Moon but not from Venus. Sunil is not a manglik from both Moon and Venus. In the navamsha charts, the charts depicting marriage, you both are manglik.

Let me explain this jargon for you. Technically you are not a manglik and Sunil is and this is not considered to be good for mutual harmony and happiness in life.

Even at this moment and before marriage you have already undergone unhappiness and pain and therefore the factors start showing.

The mutual planetary configuration is such that there is no mangal dosha as the manglik factor get partially cancelled by certain planetary configurations of mutual matching of charts. At least to that extent there is nothing to worry on this count.

The overall astrological matching reveals that these charts are only partially matched although marriage can take place between the two of you if you think it is a must.

But happiness or otherwise is a subject matter of the analysis of finer dashas or periods running all along in life. This aspect has already been covered by me in the previous report for you as well as for Sunil.

You are running the mahadasha of Jupiter and antardasha of Jupiter upto 5-9-2007 and thereafter the mahadasha/antardasha of Jupiter/Saturn.

The finer influences of various pratyantardashas running during this period together with transit of planets reveal that the factors of disharmony and problems may stem in the form of differences of opinion and you may enter into conflicts and fights.

That is the worst scenario to emerge and therefore you have to decide once for all and act accordingly.

Sunil is passing through the dasha of Sun/Sun upto 3-2-2006 and thereafter the dasha of Sun/Moon.

Seeing his planetary combinations and the applicable dasha running, it seems to be a similar story for him also. The period for disagreements and unhappiness in relationships (which includes marriage) is between August and November 2006.

Hence this is a dangerous mutual indication and it may be difficult to emerge out of this without undergoing pain.

If you get married prior to this period then it may cause hindrances in smooth flow of marital relationship which itself may come under severe strain.

Hence my observation of the charts as well as the mutual situation is that you must postpone the decision to get married till that time.

In fact you may have to become slightly indifferent to the extent that you are there for him and at the same time you are not. You must retain your self-respect in the manner that you are not running after him and he is taking advantage of your total commitment towards him by being indifferent.

If the second half of 2006 has to give this negative result then you must try to detach yourself to a smaller extent and proceed if you come out of that period unscathed.

Ritu I am not saying all this to make you unhappy. You can be a forceful and strong person to take things in your stride and therefore you have to be upright and not succumb to the pressures of your emotions.

I am sure you will be able to do all this. It may sound to be depressing for the time being, but you are only going slow on this relationship and only waiting for the right time to emerge. In the meantime you are not letting the pressures make you weak.

To ward off the evil influences of certain planetary combinations of your horoscope you may keep a fast on Thursdays for the next six months.

On the day of the fast you may take only tea, coffee, milk, fruits and curd etc. during daytime and normal meals at night after sunset and avoid taking non-vegetarian food or liquor.

Propitiation of planets called graha shanti, as suggested above, can give magical results and therefore you may do these upayas with religious fervor and faith in God.

Please be guided by these observations, which are based on Vedic astrological principles as well as on modern researches. From times immemorial these principles have guided innumerable people who have benefited from them.

I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness and prosperity on you.

If you wish to have an in-depth analysis of any particular area of your life you can consult me under the relevant category like Career report, Finance report, Business report etc. or under “Ask 3 questions” if your query does not fall in any of these categories and the same shall be promptly attended to.

With kind regards

Deepak Kapoor
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Once again I would like to thank you for your guidance and service that you have provided everytime I have written to you. …..

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