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Sample report
Each individual’s circumstances are unique and therefore each report is custom built. Hence there cannot be a standardization of the sample report. The sample report given here is a live report sent to a client (name changed) and the report, which you will receive, may cover some or more of such indications.

Dear Mr. Harry
Thanks for your query posed to me. I have gone through your horoscope in detail and give herewith my considered opinion. It is believed that the principles of astrology were revealed by God Brahma himself to the rishis of yore for the benefit of mankind.
Thus astrology is meant for guidance in the moments of crisis. What God wills can only be revealed and hence the entire process of astrological consultation is based on divine blessings.
The horoscope cast for the moment of your query reveals that you earnestly want to know about marriage with a person whom you like and who may have gone away from you.
The focus of the chart of this query is that you would like to marry a person whom you want to know and admire. To that extent your focus is clear.
But there have been mental and psychological conflicts on your mind, which are not letting a clear focus, emerge. Hence you are uneasy to some extent, as there may be obstacles on the path of your desires.
You are running the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Jupiter upto 8-6-2006 and thereafter the mahadasha/antardasha of Rahu/Saturn.
The finer influences of various pratyantardashas running during this period together with transit of planets reveal that you have been passing through a somewhat average period in which there may have been obstacles and also uneasiness or dissatisfaction.
Even in the professional field you have desires to be fulfilled and the overall influence has not been what you ideally expect that to be.
But all said and done things have been moving in the right direction slowly and to that extent you may have ample reasons for you to be thankful to God.
Let me come to some of the major areas of your life, in the next one year, one by one.

Profession and finances
December 2005 and January 2005 are fairly stable but the undercurrent is that of differences of opinion and you may try to avoid the differences even with your superiors or boss.
Between February and May 2006 you will have apprehensions about your own abilities to handle the responsibilities, which are coming your way.
This uneasiness must be addressed by proper planning in which you may try to upgrade your knowledge or skills to handle those responsibilities. You may therefore plan and direct your energies in this regard right from now.
Between June and November 2006, with the change of dasha, you will be entering a period in which you may consider alternatives for movement or change.
The best this period may try to give you is higher monetary inflows, which will improve as this dasha progresses into 2007 and 2008.
But the direction or path of progress will be set in this period and hence you may look forward to that.
The period between December 2006 and March 2007 will be somewhat tense for you as there may be procedural obstacles connected with your work in which your associates or colleagues may also not be willing to help you. Hence you may be under slight pressure.
Overall the direction of the chart for profession is right and you must proceed step by step to forge ahead and to achieve the excellence, which can be yours gradually.

Family, emotions and relationships
In December 2005 and January 2006 you may be keen to get married but somehow it is not happening at this stage. This forceful thought is however good for you to proceed in that direction.
But the overall planetary forces suggest that there may still be some delay and in the year 2006 a lot more things may be happening which may have a linkage to your marriage.
Between February and May 2006 you may be uneasy in some relationship or emotion, which may have past linkage of about August or September 2005.
From June 2006 onwards the circumstances and the planetary influences will turn in your favour and you should be taking the decisions without being too critical.
In fact the reasons for the delay and your not taking decisions lie with you and you have to shed that tendency in that period.
In the period between June and October 2006 you may forcefully decide for someone whom you admire. This is also the period for your emotions to develop and to that extent you must keep your eyes and ears and also your heart open.
The outer limit for your marriage is however getting shifted much later to first half of 2008 but you must decide and marry in the second half of 2007 itself.
There are some very slight factors of minor differences of opinion for you in marriage and for that you may get a compatibility report before you decide for your match. That will cover the factors of incompatibility and the resultant problems.

Between February and May 2006 there may be needless and unfounded worries which you may harbor about some mild concerns of your health.
There may be a need for a second opinion to cover the lack of diagnosis factor and also to bring you out of that thinking or worries.
Overall your health aspect is fairly well protected. Some minor health irritant or some minor injury may be there towards the end of 2007 or early 2008 which needs care.

The second half of 2006 is activated for you to consider some investment in property or real estate and hence you may look forward to these opportunities.
Overall the next one-year is shaping up well and you have to move ahead with optimism.
To ward off the evil influences of certain planetary combinations of your horoscope you may keep a fast on Thursdays for the next six months.
On the day of the fast you may take only tea, coffee, milk, fruits and curd etc. during daytime and normal meals at night after sunset and avoid taking non-vegetarian food or liquor.
You are also advised to light a mustard oil lamp on Saturdays in a shani temple or a Hindu temple, if possible or as and when possible in the next six months.
Propitiation of planets called graha shanti, as suggested above, can give magical results and therefore you may do these upayas with religious fervor and faith in God.
Please be guided by these observations, which are based on Vedic astrological principles as well as on modern researches. From times immemorial these principles have guided innumerable people who have benefited from them.
I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness and prosperity on you.
If you wish to have an in-depth analysis of any particular area of your life you can consult me under the relevant category like Career report, Finance report, Business report, love report, marriage report, detailed compatibility analysis etc. or under “Ask 3 questions” if your query does not fall in any of these categories and the same shall be promptly attended to.

With kind regards

Deepak Kapoor
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Client Testimonials

Hello! Mr. Deepak,
Thankx a lot for giving such a precise and correct prediction. My wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, which is 20 days premature and delivery date was 29th July 2007. All this has been clearly predicted by you.
Thankx once again.

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