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This is from an anonymous poster  rupesh sood   3:51 21 Nov 2006  
View this persons public profile  Deepak Kapoor   1:28 23 Nov 2006  
View this persons public profile      6:46 23 Nov 2006  
Respected Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

In my (iii) question, I repeat the same for your kind reference "If we received 8 to 10 questions in that particular time or lagan, how we answer them?"

I want the answer suppose one received questions through e-mail or sms and received 12 to 15 question in a particular lagan than how can those questions will be answered?

As per your request I am eleborating the question no. (iv) first if repeat the question for your kind reference

iv. Can any body receives questions on astrologer's behalf, if yes, then which lagan we take?

For example: Situation No. 1. My wife is working in an office, her colleague or anybody in the office come to her and ask her your husband is an astrologer can you let me know from him when I got promotion or any other type of PRASHAN. Can my wife receive the question on my behalf at that particular time or otherwise what method should be adopted.

Situation No. 2: Suppose my milk man came to my house to meet my father and said there was a theft in his house and about 10 lakhs of jewellery was stolen, how can I get those things back. Can my father take the time and place for that particular question even though my father is not an astrologer and even the milk man don't know that to whom he is taking to his son is an astrologer?

Situation No. 3: Person come to my house or telephone me for Prashan but I am not available at that particular time, can anybody at home receives the prashan on my behalf.

Situation No. 4: In my Astrologer office can I depute someone to note down the questions, received in the office, on my behlaf even I am also present in the office.

with kind regards


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